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Yong-Sig Cho

Founder & Managing Partner, Darae Law & IP Firm, Korea

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    Yong-Sig Cho is the founder and managing partner of Darae Law & IP Firm, the first intellectual property-specialised firm in Korea. The firm has been accredited for representing the most cases at the Patent Court of Korea. He is a recognized leader of in the field of intellectual property with the experience of a former judge at the Patent Court.

    He was a Vice Chairman of Seoul Bar Association, and he is Chairman of Korean – Japanese Bar Association; Director and Legal adviser of the Legal Times; Director of Korea Intellectual Property Right Legislation Institute, vice Chairman of Korea Intellectual Property Right Association; Member of Japanese Industrial Property Rights Association. He is a former honorary researcher at the Department of Law of Tokyo University and a Professor of MIP (Master of Intellectual Property) at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). He is a Professor of Hanyang University Law School now.

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