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Kaden Boriss efficiently applies services across practice areas to the specific business sectors, and is now closer to access than ever, such that your businesses receive the most adequate and convenient legal oversight. Our areas of expertise range across Commercial and Transactional Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, Banking & Finance, Cyber Law, Legal Advice, Dispute Resolution and Alternate Dispute Resolution. Our professionals with decades of experience and exposure to prominent businesses as insiders are at your service and we bring the best of our expertise to your doorstep, at Gurugram.


Kaden Boriss has expertise in handling Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation matters. It is engaged in major arbitrations both at domestic as well international level. It assists its clients with resolution of disputes in the areas of corporate, commercial and civil disputes. Kaden Boriss not only undertakes domestic and international mediation, conciliation and arbitration cases but also provides services for the enforcement of both domestic and international arbitral awards.

Kaden Boriss specializes in the formulation and drafting of commercial, transactional and transnational legal documentation, which includes, business acquisition and disposal, local and regional joint venture, privatization and mergers, private placement, private equity investment, buy-outs, and import/export documentation, escrow arrangements, capital goods purchase, and diverse commercial agreements. It also provides documentation and advisory services for IT contracts, e-commerce transactions and issues involving cyber laws.

Kaden Boriss specializes in providing up-to-date information and legal advice about foreign investment laws and policies, as well as formulating strategic advice for foreign as well as Indian clients desirous of establishing business in India and across the globe. It has expertise and has attained commendation in the field of strategizing and executing cross border investment projects in India and the countries of the Indian sub-continent. This also happens to be one of the core areas of Kaden Boriss’ consulting practice.

Kaden Boriss has expertise in carrying out, for the benefit of prospective investors, comprehensive pre-acquisition due diligence, documentation and approvals, both within India and the Indian sub-continent. It also provides liaising services for establishment of businesses along with pre-acquisition support to prospective investors by undertaking detailed documentation and representing them in all aspects of their business transactions with domestic and international governmental entities.

Kaden Boriss structures, negotiates and drafts all types of employment and labour contracts for both local and multinational corporations. It provides services ranging from assistance on compliance with regulatory requirements to the structuring and establishment of benefit and compensation plans.

Kaden Boriss renders legal advice and opinions on a variety of legal issues and statutes in order to help its client’s understand the implications thereof, and to find solutions for their problems.

Kaden Boriss is engaged in representing clients in litigation or dispute resolution mechanism be it before any court of law or tribunals and commissions.

Kaden Boriss specializes in strategy evolution to carry out mergers, acquisitions and takeovers based on an assessment of clients’ business and the various internal and external factors affecting it. Kaden Boriss advises on domestic and cross-border mergers and acquisitions, including public takeovers, de-mergers, corporate restructurings, joint ventures, strategic alliances and auction sales.

Kaden Boriss has an established reputation in all facets of domestic as well as offshore banking, finance documentation and advisory services. Kaden Boriss has wide experience in procedural and legal documentation aspects of banking, international transaction finance, project finance and banking regulations for all kinds of financial, credit and mortgage transactions, including both single bank/financial institution and syndicated/consortium loans.

Kaden Boriss has expertise in formulating and providing legal documentation on all corporate matters and issues, including incorporation paperwork, memorandum, articles, minutes of meetings, corporate reorganization, shareholders’ rights, directors’ and officers’ duties, the validity and priority of fixed and floating charges, and mergers and acquisitions.

The internet has made the world smaller, connecting companies and individuals alike to a global audience. In the hands of the unscrupulous, this powerful tool can cause great harm to innocent parties. For those struggling in this challenging new world, we provide solutions – counseling and legal remedies should the worst happen.

Digital financial transactions are the future of commerce – a future accelerated by the demonetization process. While this form of transactions offers convenience and accountability into the system, it also exposes finances to the ingenuity of hackers around the world. We work to protect both service providers and users from the specters of fraud and hacking – both as a preventative measure, and also to mitigate the damage caused.
In the modern world, social media represents more and more of a person’s reputation. This makes hacking of those accounts especially damaging. We help clients seek redress for these heinous crimes through every legal remedy – penal as well as civil – and provide counseling to minimize the damage caused.

When copywritten works are posted online without consent with claim of ownership by a fraudulent party, it cuts into the work’s profitability and takes away control from the producers and puts it into the hands of pirates. We help victims of piracy by delivering notices of violations, filing takedown orders against ISPs and hosts, and pursuing pirates to the fullest extent of the law.
Companies often handle sensitive data. Disgruntled or dishonest employees often take advantage of their access to this data, and steal it for illegitimate purposes. We assist employers in protecting sensitive data from employee theft. This includes counseling on mitigating the risk of stolen data, drafting employment and non-disclosure agreements to disincentive theft, handling disputes with clients affected by any stolen data, and seeking compensation and indemnification from data-thieves.

Kaden Boriss assists its high net worth individual clients in Estate Planning and Probate Administration regarding their family and individual wealth. It helps its clients to articulate and implement their vision for succession and continuity of the family wealth during their lifetime. Its lawyers assist each client by carefully understanding the objectives of each particular client and analyzing each individual circumstance, to come up with a personalized estate plan that meets the needs and desires of the clients. For this it provides a range of services, from drafting and registration of basic wills to living or testamentary trusts to more complex documents incorporating tax planning.

Kaden Boriss also acts as a trademark & copyright agent and undertakes lodging of applications with the various registrars, which come under the purview of intellectual property rights (IPR). It specializes in the documentation of IPR related transactions including licensing, assignment, and franchising documentation. The firm also specializes in comprehensive legal contractual documentation pertaining to motion pictures, television, book publishing, internet media, theatre, music, sports & entertainment industry.

Kaden Boriss has expertise in the scrutiny, review and examination of any document from a legal perspective and thereby suggesting changes and improvements therein to protect and secure the clients’ interest and to enable execution of legally sound and valid documents, so as to have a sound transactional as well as corporate structure. Kaden Boriss carries out a comprehensive legal audit of a client and its business through a unique 3-tier process developed by it, so as to help various business entities, organizations and bodies corporate to comply with the various statutory and regulatory obligations applicable to them.

Kaden Boriss provides legal services for all aspects of real estate acquisition, development, finance, ownership, leasing and operation. Kaden Boriss has a large and active real estate practice and assists its clients in all types of real estate development, including shopping center, industrial, residential, hotel and downtown area development. It provides assistance in planning the structure, as well as negotiation of complex real estate transactions, along with handling of legal analysis and documentation.

Kaden Boriss through its of Counsels provides advice on both direct and indirect taxation issues, including issues relating to tax planning, compliance and filing of returns. It provides strategic advice for the minimization and streamlining of tax liability arising out of various commercial and personal transactions, like mergers, acquisitions, share transfers, inter-corporate transactions whether domestic or international, and family settlements, gifts etc. It also facilitates registration of Value Added Tax (VAT) & Service Tax.


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