We actively promote a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Our consultants lead by example, building a strong understanding of our client’s business and staying open to new approaches, concepts and technologies.

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We are Kaden Boriss Alliance - London

The Kaden Boriss London alliance office was established by Karen Harris, who has a wealth of business knowledge spanning across borders through diverse types of industries and businesses. We are a well-reputed corporate consultancy specialising in providing all-encompassing business solutions to individuals and small to large corporations, major banking institutions, and trust companies worldwide.

The office, branded as KHCS, is a unique consultancy in the marketplace, offering complete turn-key solutions for any business needs under one service provider in a multi-professional environment.

We are dedicated to delivering quality and professional services tailored to the needs of clients to enable them to run their businesses more effectively and efficiently. Our growth and success has risen from best practices, customer trust, and a highly motivated and skilled team in an internationally-orientated environment.


Through our partners, we provide Aircraft Ownership Solutions specialising in private jet and helicopter sales, aircraft registration, management & administration, tax-efficient aircraft ownership structuring, import / export, and a full range of Aircraft Consultancy Services. We are well-positioned to help aircraft and helicopter owners realise tax and operational benefits in the Isle of Man and other jurisdictions. Our administrative, management, and full consultancy services aim to reduce the burden of responsibility that comes with the ownership of an aircraft. We can offer a variety of bespoke structures and solutions for clients intending to purchase an aircraft. These solutions enable clients in beneficial VAT planning and tax mitigation and/or deferral.

There are various citizenship programs available in certain jurisdictions. We assist clients in obtaining citizenship or residence status in these jurisdictions.

Project management is one of our specialist areas. Our expertise lies in assisting clients in executing and completing projects, it be large or small.

We provide bespoke yacht and ship registration services through our agents based in various jurisdictions to meet our clients’ needs. Our services cover the areas such as the Isle of Man, Seychelles, British Virgin Islands, Channel Islands. Our aim is to remove the administrative burden off yacht owners to enable them to enjoy their journeys on the sea. Our services extend from yacht registration to providing a complete yacht management service through a dedicated point of contact.

Our services cover all aspects of yacht management and administration which can be tailored according to the level of assistance required. They range from the payment of day-to-day expenses, overseeing the recruitment of crew and ensuring that all manning requirements are met, book-keeping and the preparation of financial statements. As a valuable and prized asset, it is imperative that all our clients’ yachts carry fully comprehensive insurance against all marine risks. We are also able to negotiate favourable premiums through our contacts with specialist brokers and underwriters whilst ensuring the maximum level of cover for clients and their yachts.

We help in managing your personal wealth effectively. This requires constant evaluation and sophisticated solutions. Our specialist private client team creates and administers services that will provide for extended families, manage multiple and complex cross-border assets, and together with our specialist professional partners, navigate tax and regulatory issues, and plan for estate and business succession.

We have developed an expertise to assist clients in establishing charitable organisations to meet the various needs of the community in the UK and within international groups as well. This includes setting up a company, registering it with the Charity Commission and with HMRC. Our services also cover gifts and relief on donations. It is beneficial to form a limited company before registering for a charity. This is usually done by setting up a company limited by guarantee, rather than the normal incorporation of limited by shares. A company limited by guarantee is a private limited company where the liability of members is limited. A guarantee company does not have a share capital, but instead has members who are guarantors instead of shareholders.

Company Formation – We deal with all incorporations in the UK with the Companies House organisation on a round-the-clock basis whether one requires a Company limited by shares or a Company limited by guarantee.

Company Secretary – We also provide company secretarial services. A company secretary is responsible for compliance with those provisions of the Companies Acts which require the company to keep registers and make its affairs open to the public. In addition, a company secretary is responsible for ensuring that an organisation complies with standard financial and legal practices, and maintains standards of corporate governance.

Registered Office – Every company must have a registered office address for the service of official documents, for example, court documents or Companies House notices. The registered office address must be shown on all company letterheads, invoices, and all other stationary. The address does not have to be from where you operate your business but it must be a physical address in the same country in which your company is registered. This address is on public record through the Companies House website. Our office is available to operate as the registered office.

Intellectual Property – We provide IP services whether it be Trademarks, Copyrights or Patents.

We have built a highly-recognised reputation by providing various services for our private clients who wish to purchase commercial or residential properties in the UK for personal or investment purposes. Our clients do this through a UK or offshore company, held through a trust if thought appropriate. We look at each client’s circumstances individually to ensure that the correct vehicle is utilized for holding the asset and dealing with the company’s incorporation if applicable. We specialize particularly in assisting non-UK domiciled or non-resident persons.

Sovereign Accountants is a tax and accountancy practice based in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire. It is part of our Group of Companies. As a client of Sovereign Accountants you will benefit from a wealth of international business knowledge gained over the years by a company working within a mature network of leading law firms, major banking institutions, and trust companies worldwide. In today’s business world, clients need a professional service to manage their personal and business finances. Our clients range from individuals with start-up businesses, to large corporates, based locally, nationwide, and internationally. Every client is important to us and receives the same attention to detail and professional advice that would be expected from a firm of accountants.


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