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Kaden Boriss works in close cooperation in Kuwait with Al Oula Law firm which was established by Adel Abdulhadi in 2002 but despite relatively short period of existence, it has achieved great success in all the areas of practice especially in the area of dispute resolution where it has continued to demonstrate its superior ability to handle and find solutions to the most difficult cases.

With a firm commitment to excellence, Al Oula Law has become one of the fastest growing full service law firms in the State of Kuwait. Its practice is diverse and approach always business-like with attorneys being exceptional and experienced in their areas of practice.


We advise on commercial and investment banking transactions, banker-customer relationships, assist in loan recovery, prepare and review bank documentation and ensure that bank loan facility documents comply with the requirements of the law.

We appreciate the need for clients to carry on business in a form most suitable to their trading activities. We therefore advice on company incorporation and legal structure, prepare and review incorporation documents and proceed to register such corporate structures. We attend corporate meetings on behalf of clients; advise prospective foreign clients on legal and regulatory requirements for doing business Kuwait; and advise client companies who are seeking listing on the Kuwait Stock Exchange of the Exchange’s listing rules and requirements.

We advice on corporate insolvency, mergers and acquisitions, take-overs, privatization, and company restructuring and obtain all necessary approvals from the regulatory authoritie.

We understand that in the course of business relations disputes are likely to arise between clients and their partners. It is our policy to always seek an amicable resolution of all clients’ disputes but in the event that such an amicable resolution is unforeseeable, we provide litigation, arbitration and other Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) services for them; institute and/or defend legal matters before all the courts of record in Kuwait; appear and represent them in arbitral proceedings or judicial or administrative proceedings including the Labour Office and the Trade Paper Disputes Resolution Committee.

We advice on all aspects of family law including dissolution of marriage, alimony claims, custody, inheritance, paternity, guardianship etc. We represent clients at court hearings and ensure that their interests are not prejudiced.

We advise on contracts of carriage by sea, charterparties, bills of lading, and registration of seagoing vessels. We also advise on the local and international requirements for vessels’ security, marine insurance and institute actions in the event of damage to cargo or consignments.

We provide advice and prepare documentation on the different types of agency relationships under Kuwait law, joint ventures, partnerships, franchises, leases, brokerage relationship, etc; and prepare all types of contractual documents relating to client’s contractors, suppliers and customers. We are also involved in corporate finance transactions such as project finance and equity financing.

We also advise on oil and gas contracts, construction and engineering contracts, telecommunications agreements, real estate acquisition etc.

We represent individuals and companies in all types of criminal proceedings pending before the courts, attend sessions of interrogations, appear before investigative panels and tribunals and proffer advice on criminal charges filed.

We advise on the different aspects of Kuwait labour laws and provide clients with advice aimed at maintaining good employment relations. We prepare and review contracts of employment, attend and observe proceedings of disciplinary committees and ensure that the interest of the client is protected.

We advise on legal procedures and documentation for registration of trademarks, trade names, patents, copyrights and other forms of intellectual property and institute legal actions on behalf of clients in the event of infringement of their intellectual property rights. We also advise and assist with the renewal process of intellectual property rights.

We advise on Kuwait’s company income tax laws and likely tax aspects of commercial transactions.


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