We actively promote a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Our consultants lead by example, building a strong understanding of our client’s business and staying open to new approaches, concepts and technologies.

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Our experts are skilled across various disciplines and have the necessary resources to benefit clients.

We are Kaden Boriss Alliance - Dubai

With only the best to offer, Kaden Boriss has become the top choice for both local and international clients. We strive to make available a comprehensive range of business services with an added importance to innovative and dynamic solutions.  We work continuously to provide our extensive client portfolio with the assistance and guidance for company formation, mergers and acquisitions, and also help them facilitate due diligence,

Kaden Boriss has well-developed practices in corporate, commercial, financial, real estate, and labor law to name a few. We collaborate with a wide array of experts and other regulatory bodies in order to provide our clientele with the best resources as well as top-notch services. Our international clients rely on our pertinent and strategic advice so as to achieve sustainable results.

Our experienced consultants are recognized for not only their technical expertise and in-depth knowledge but also their thorough understanding of the region. This allows us to navigate each of our client’s needs and tailor solutions accordingly.

As a global management consultancy firm, Kaden Boriss respects and welcomes differences. We strongly believe that the unique perspectives brought by our employees, clients, and stakeholders add value to our firm and help us achieve extraordinary outcomes.


KADEN BORISS has extensive experience in structuring, advising and incorporation of companies in mainland, free zone and offshore jurisdictions in the UAE. Our services in this field cover the whole suite of services ranging from licensing, documentation, third-party approvals, due diligence, and operational advice. Our experience in this respect include advising a number of foreign investors on modes of entering UAE in view of the applicable foreign investment laws and structuring their investment in UAE by deliberating on the procedure for incorporating a suitable legal structure.

Kaden Boriss has expertise in carrying out, for the benefit of prospective investors, comprehensive pre-acquisition due diligence, documentation and approvals, both within India and the Indian sub-continent. It also provides liaising services for establishment of businesses along with pre-acquisition support to prospective investors by undertaking detailed documentation and representing them in all aspects of their business transactions with domestic and international governmental entities.

Kaden Boriss acts as intellectual property agents and assists clients in filing and registration of their intellectual property (IPR) including trademark and patents. We also assist in maintenance of our client’s IPR and their related transactions including licensing, assignment, and franchising documentation. Recent projects include registration of a trademark of a five-star luxury hotel, facilitating a patent licensing transaction, including drafting of comprehensive agreements, advising a local technology start-up on protection of their proprietary data, including registering their intellectual property and advising a foreign cryptocurrency trader on local rules and regulations.

As per the prevailing laws of UAE any company incorporated in UAE by a foreign national must have a UAE National as Sponsor. Kaden Boriss can act as your local sponsor or Local Service Agent for your business in Dubai or UAE. We will liaise with all the government officials and Ministries on behalf of the company and facilitates all works for the company.

We also provide corporate compliance services with regards to statutory filing, paperwork and submissions. In additional to providing services to local partners, we also provide extensive support to international clients on foreign investment in the UAE.

Kaden Boriss specializes in providing up-to-date information and advice about foreign investment policies, as well as formulating strategic advice for foreign as well as UAE clients desirous of establishing business in UAE and across the globe. It has expertise and has attained commendation in the field of strategizing and executing cross border investment projects in UAE and the countries of the Middle East. This also happens to be one of the core areas of Kaden Boriss consulting practice.

Kaden Boriss assists its high net worth individual clients in Estate Planning and Probate Administration regarding their family and individual wealth. It helps its clients to articulate and implement their vision for succession and continuity of the family wealth during their lifetime. Its lawyers assist each client by carefully understanding the objectives of each particular client and analyzing each individual circumstance, to come up with a personalized estate plan that meets the needs and desires of the clients. For this it provides a range of services, from drafting and registration of basic wills to living or testamentary trusts to more complex documents incorporating tax planning.

Kaden Boriss specializes in strategy evolution to carry out mergers, acquisitions and takeovers based on an assessment of client’s business and the various internal and external factors affecting it. Kaden Boriss advises on domestic and cross-border mergers and acquisitions, including public takeovers, de-mergers, corporate restructurings, joint ventures, strategic alliances and auction sales.

Kaden Boriss has expertise in formulating and providing documentation on all corporate matters and issues, including incorporation paperwork, memorandum, articles, minutes of meetings, corporate reorganization, shareholder’s rights, director’s and officer’s duties, the validity and priority of fixed and floating charges, and mergers and acquisitions.


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