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Vaisak Unnikrishnan

If one really wishes to know how justice is administered in a country, one does not question the policemen, the lawyers, the judges, or the protected members of the middle class.

Jacqueline Bretell


    Vaisak Unnikrishnan specialises in Corporate Law, Intellectual Property, Arbitration, Banking and Compliances.

    He holds a Bachelor of Laws from the Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies. He has developed his legal expertise assisting senior partners and attorneys in various law firms on matters involving drafting of Writ petitions, drafting legal notices and legal opinions.

    He had the opportunity to assist in the drafting of the writ petition regarding the decriminalization of adultery before the Honorable Supreme Court of India. He has authored papers on numerous topics including “Media Ethics and Law” and “the Evolution of Right to Privacy in India” which have been published in International journals. His areas of interest range across Corporate Law, Intellectual Property, Arbitration, Banking and Compliances.

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